OTTAWA -- Months into the COVID-19 pandemic, restauranteurs have come up with new, inspired ideas to keep their business afloat.

One Ottawa eatery is offering their dining experience virtually in your home.

Rabbit Hole restaurant is serving up a fun and interactive experience for those who wish to meet outside their bubble. 

General Manager Ellie Dellis says customers can have food, drinks, wine and cheese pairings delivered, anything on the menu, catered to individual budget and dietary needs. 

"Bottom line, technology has become our new table seating," says Dellis. "We've come up with virtual celebrations packages to give people ideas on how to make their chats and get together fun."

Co-owner Mitchell Cole, who prides the restaurant on having an extensive and unique wine list of small-batch and specialty bottles, says Rabbit Hole can also provide online tableside expertise. 

"They get to expand their knowledge, their taste, their portfolios, they also get to educate themselves," said Cole.

And when it comes to drinks, you can order a kit, like their 'old fashioned' box, that comes with Whiskey, syrup, bitters and oranges for the garnish, and have a virtual drink-making party with friends, while a top-tender, like Sheldon Jackson, teaches you his secrets. 

"There always fun, you tell me you drink a cocktail and you don't have fun," says Jackson. "You want everyone to kind of feel what you feel so I think it's about sharing the recipes in improving everyone's knowledge together."

The restaurant is still open. If you choose to visit their Sparks Street location, expect the same services, safely, in person.