Ottawa residents said they can see why Ottawa placed among the worst-dressed cities in the world by an international travel magazine.

A recent article on MSN Travel's website said Ottawa's bureaucratic, political stylings made it "perhaps the least sexiest city in Canada."

"Men sport the same boring navy suits that hang like shapeless curtains across their shoulders, women choose sensible shoes, sedate colours and are unremarkably respectable, and everyone is just so ‘matchy matchy,'" wrote Vivian Song.

"Take that scrunchie out and let your hair down, Ottawa. Or, like the Rideau Canal in plein hiver, you risk staying frozen like that forever."

Ottawa ranked below the Jersey Shore, known for its now-legendary cartoonish tans and skintight clothes, and Steelers-logo crazed Pittsburgh.

It did place higher than Vancouver, where Song cited the yoga pants craze as justifying their third-place finish.

Christine Achampong from Ottawa Fashion Week, which begins Sept. 28, said Ottawa does support its local designers.

"People in Ottawa dress like the scenery. . . More down-to-earth," she said. "If you live in Ottawa. . . (The industry) is alive and thriving."

Ottawa is making progress, with Michael Kors, Forever 21 and BCBG outlets opening recently.

However, people on the city streets said they agree Ottawa's fashion is a bit lacking.

"We do dress badly. People don't seem to give it time or thought," said one person.

"I feel that it's the same as any other Canadian city I've been in," said another.

The worst-dressed cities in the world are both tourist havens – Maui, Hawaii in second and Orlando, Fla. in first. . . or last, essentially.

Earlier this year MSN Travel did give kudos to an Ottawa attraction where clothes aren't as big of a deal – it ranked Calypso Water Park in Limoges as the world's best water park.

With a report from CTV Ottawa's Stefanie Masotti and Norman Fetterley