Three Ottawa radio stations were knocked off the air following a fire at the Camp Fortune transmitter.

The blaze, which broke out early Wednesday morning, has affected The New Hot 89.9, Radio-Canada and CKCU, the Carleton University campus radio station.

"The New Hot 89.9 is still broadcasting over the air, we simply are broadcasting at reduced power due to the fire," said Josie Geuer, program director at The New Hot 89.9.

"People who are unable to tune us in have many other options (online, iphone app, Blackberry via TuneIn or channel 926 on Rogers Cable), but many of our listeners are unaffected and can still hear us loud and clear through their home and car radios."

The cause of the fire is unknown. The stations say engineers are working to get them back on-air at full strength as quickly as possible.