There are many sources of motivation for runners participating in Ottawa's Race Weekend – fitness, glory and fundraising chief among them.

Stephanie and Scott Boxall said they're running the 5 K to raise money for the Ottawa Hospital's neurosurgery department after Stephanie had a brush with death.

"We took our dog out for a walk at the dog park, and I was clipped by another dog and fell on my head," she said. "I wound up having emergency surgery to repair a torn artery and blood clot in my head."

"As long as she's here, the doctors did their job," Scott Boxall said. "The only way I can actually thank them is to support what they do and to aid in the funding."

They said their daughter Kaitlyn also had brain surgery last year.

"This run means a lot to us because it's for both of us," Stephanie said.

Ottawa Race Weekend is the biggest of its kind in Canada, attracting almost 40,000 runners last year and serving as a qualifier for the Olympics this year.

"Ottawa's special because it was the first time I watched a marathon," said Eric Gillis, running the marathon this weekend to help prepare for the London games.

Gillis was at Monsignor Paul Baxter School to give advice to those running the 1.5 kilometre kid's marathon.

More than 100 students from the school are participating.

"It makes your muscles stronger," said one eager runner-to-be.

The many different races means there are a number of road closures during the weekend, which you can read about here

The Ottawa Race Weekend's website also has details on where you can cheer for runners along the route.

With a report from CTV Ottawa's Claudia Cautillo