Ottawa city council has approved a 2.09 per cent tax increased for 2013.

It means the average homeowner will pay $67 dollars more in taxes for city services.

Brian Prot, who owns an average home in the capital valued at $314,500, says his taxes are too high.

"The guy that said the life after 65 was going to be so beautiful, I guess he never paid taxes," says Prot.

The 74-year-old pensioner and grandfather of eight says he is now living month to month and the increase will take it's toll.

Ottawa mayor Jim Watson says the tax increase is the lowest in six years and a good deal compared to other Canadian cities.

"The tax increase in Calgary, last year, was 10.4 per cent. Over the past three years their taxes have gone up 22 per cent compared to our rate of about 8 per cent," says Watson. 

According to a recent tax rate analysis by the Real Property Association of Canada, Ottawa residents pay some of the highest taxes in the country. In 2012, Calgary paid about half the amount in taxes. Vancouver and Toronto also paid much less.

"It's an apples and oranges comparison in the sense that we're still paying for social services which they don't pay," Watson replied.

The 2013 budget will see a 2.5 percent transit fare increase, a freeze on recreational fees and a cap on additional hires at the Ottawa police.

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