It appears a Roadrunner/Coyote cartoon fan has caught the attention of Ottawa Police.

A warning was posted online that uses the Ottawa Police logo, warning people who see coyotes in Stittsville not to call 911.

The post then goes on to list Looney Tunes inspired instances when people should call police on coyotes.

  • Coyotes carrying any product marked ACME
  • Coyotes dropping anvils from a hot air balloon
  • Coyotes posting such as DETOUR and FREE BIRD SEED
  • Coyotes in possession of giant magnet or pr boxes marked "TNT"
  • Coyotes on roller skates with rockets attached

Ottawa police tweeted out a reminder Tuesday morning that they are not responsible for the post and that it is not a public service announcment from them. 

"We just want to make sure people know this didn't come with us", said Constable Amy Gagnon with Ottawa Police.