OTTAWA -- Ottawa police are seeing an increase in impaired driving charges on Ottawa roads ahead of the holiday season.

Sixty motorists were charged with impaired driving by Ottawa police in November, up from 47 impaired driving charges in November 2020.

Police tell CTV News Ottawa that the 60 drivers charged with impaired-related offences included 48 motorists impaired by alcohol and six impaired by drugs. Six motorists were charged with impaired driving for refusing a test.

Ten motorists also had their licence suspended for three days for an 'Alert-Warn' range.

Police say the average blood alcohol content for motorists charged with impaired driving was two-times the legal limit.

During the final weekend of November, 11 motorists were charged with impaired driving related offences in Ottawa. Police said four of those individuals were G1 and G2 licensed drivers.

Under Ontario's licensing system, G1 and G2 drivers must have a zero blood alcohol level.

The festive RIDE campaign is underway, with police targeting impaired motorists on roads across the city.

"It’s exciting to see family and friends or celebrate the holidays with coworkers, but as you plan your festivities, include a plan to get home safe," says Sgt. Troy Froats.

Police says there are plenty of options available – public transit, a taxi or a ride home with a designated driver.

Anyone charged with impaired driving faces an immediate 90 day driving suspension and lose their vehicle for seven days.

The Ottawa police festive RIDE campaign continues until January.