Ottawa police have moved their command post to Stittsville in their search for an elderly woman, missing since noon Sunday  after going for a walk with her dog.

82-year-old Nellyia Karbisheva, who lives with her family in Stittsville, was last seen at the Queensway Carleton hospital Sunday night, more than 10 kilometres from where she lives.  More than 20 police officers spend the night searching dense woods off Stittsville's Main Street, where Karbisheva was known to walk.  They have requested the help of the OPP helicopter to air in their search.

Yesterday, Ottawa Police were searching in and around the Queensway Carleton hospital where a security guard believes he saw the elderly woman and her dog Bonya Sunday night.

For her family, these are anxious hours. 

“It (the hospital) looks so far from here,” says Nellyia’s daughter Marina Ponomareva, “Maybe somebody drove her, maybe somebody decided she wasn't well or confused, I don't know.”

The 82-year-old is known to be an avid walker.  She left her house around noon yesterday and according to police, showed up at the Queensway Carleton around 10:30 last night.  That's a 12 kilometre walk.

Nelliya suffers from dementia.  Her daughter says her mother loves to walk and would head out in almost any kind of weather, Bonya by her side.

“She thinks that it's best cure from everything,” Ponomareva added.

Though she speaks only Russian, Nelliya and her miniature poodle are well-known in the neighbourhood. 

“I saw her yesterday (Sunday) walking with her dog around 9:15 walking down Hazeldean,” says neighbor Kevin Fiset.

“I'm sad she's missing,” adds neighbor Marie Swift, “I think this is the second time in a few weeks.”

In April, she was found about 5 kilometres from her home but police say it wasn't for as long and it wasn't as cold.

“Often times, people with forms of dementia will take shelter,” says Ottawa Police Inspector Glenn Wasson, “but they don't have the means or ability to reach out to someone.  And there’s a language barrier with this woman which probably exacerbates that.”

Police have about 25 officers actively searching for the senior.  She is about 5 foot 2, with salt and pepper hair and was last seen ossibly wearing brown pants and blue-grey jacket.

Her daughter says Nelliya won't leave her dog and her dog won't leave her. 

That may help police.  Not only are they looking for an elderly woman but one with a little white poodle.

If you see her, you are asked to call Ottawa Police at 613-236-1222 or the Missing Person Unit at 613-236-1222 ext. 2355.