Ottawa police say they are not stepping up security measures in the capital following a mass shooting in Brooklyn, N.Y. earlier Tuesday.

A gunman in a gas mask and a construction vest opened fire on a busy Brooklyn subway train and shot at least 10 people. Five people were listed in critical condition but all are expected to survive.

Toronto Mayor John Tory said in the wake of the incident that police and transit staff would be increasing patrols along the city’s transit system, though Toronto police said there was no identified threat or risk in the city linked to the attack in New York.

In an email to CTV News Ottawa, the Ottawa Police Service said they are monitoring the situation.

“We are aware of the unfortunate events in New York City,” a police spokesperson said. “As with any international incident, we assess security needs at a local level and at this time, there are no extra measures set in place.”

The City of Ottawa said late Wednesday afternoon that transit operators are trained to respond to emergencies.

"When confronted with an emergency, all OC Transpo and Para Transpo operators have been properly trained and have an emergency alarm at their disposal to contact our Transit Operations Control Centre which operates 24/7. Members of the Transit Special Constables Unit can be dispatched to the situation immediately. Special Constables also frequently patrol transit stations and train cars. We also work closely with the Ottawa Police Service, as well as City emergency services including the Ottawa Fire Services and the Ottawa Paramedic Service," said chief safety officer Duane Duquette.

"OC Transpo has more than 2,200 CCTV cameras strategically located at OC Transpo Transitway stations, on O-Train Line 1 cars and stations, park and ride lots, and at administration and maintenance facilities. As new buses join the fleet, they are equipped with CCTV cameras. In addition, all Transitway and O-Train stations have an emergency phone system that puts calls immediately in contact with authorities. We also have a comprehensive safety program with the objective of promoting safety and security for all transit stops, stations, vehicles, and properties."

The alleged gunman in New York was arrested Wednesday.