Ottawa police have identified two additional cellblock incidents, stemming from previously filed public complaints.

Police say the complaints were referred to the Ontario Provincial Police for further investigation earlier this week.

The OPP is now investigating four cellblock incidents involving Ottawa police. Two incidents are also under investigation by Ontario's Special Investigations Unit.

Ottawa's acting police chief admitted in November that the organization had a systemic problem when it came to dealing with prisoners in cellblocks.

The admission came after the highly publicized Stacy Bonds case garnered public outrage when the court released video of her treatment by Ottawa police. The incident involved both sworn and civilian officers.

A judge ruled in October that Bonds was unlawfully arrested in 2008 and her treatment by police was an injustice to human dignity.

Since the case went public, Ottawa police have been reviewing all existing files and complaints relating to the cellblock. Priority has been given to cases already before the courts.