Ottawa Police are now investigating what appears to be a daredevil stunt with speeds reaching in excess of 80km/h.

Ottawa Police confirm to CTV News the on-line video of what appears to show a young man driving his motorcycle through the underground walking tunnels at Ottawa’s Carleton University is now a criminal investigation.

The tunnels run several kilometres throughout the university.  During the school year the underground walkways are packed with students and staff travelling from one side of the campus to another.  At the time of the video the tunnels were empty; it’s believed the video may have been shot in the middle of the night.

It’s not known when the stunt took place; it was posted to Youtube by “Logan M” on Saturday July 19, 2014.  Carleton University’s Campus Security never heard or saw anything when it happened, staff noticed the video on Monday July 21, 2014.  The video has since been removed from Youtube.  The Youtube channel is connected to a Facebook page belonging to Logan Murphy who claims to be a former Canadian Reservist, a Port Hope Ontario native and current Calgary Alberta resident.

“It’s very unusual that something like that would go unreported”, says Carleton University's Campus Security Special Constable Richard Sabourin, “we do work 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.  Our staff was out patrolling buildings, for someone not to have seen it is unusual, it’s a big campus, and it’s just fortunate no one was in the area to be hurt.”

Sabourin says the University has one-thousand cameras throughout the campus, but won’t say how many are in the tunnels.  Some students worry if such a loud and public stunt could go unnoticed maybe other more serious things, like crimes, could go undetected.

“It’s awful” says Carleton student Cassie Coville, “the tunnels are good for some things, outside especially at night can be even more scary, but that doesn’t make me feel very good.”

Sabourin says if the stunt driver is a Carleton student he could face fines or even school suspension.  Ottawa Police say a criminal investigation could result in charges of mischief and/or dangerous driving.