Ottawa Police have arrested a man following a tip about a potential threat at an Ottawa hotel.

Tactical and hazmat crews were called to the Chimo Hotel around 10:15 p.m. Tuesday night. Guests were evacuated from the hotel shortly after, and moved to a nearby hotel.  

After hours on scene, police arrested one suspect. They say the man was apprehended without incident outside a room on the sixth floor of the Chimo hotel. No injuries were reported.

"The man is being held on a Canada-wide warrant issued relating to charges in Nova Scotia," Ottawa police said in a statement. Police have not identified the suspect in custody.

Sources have confirmed to CTV News that 42-year-old Christopher Phillips of Cole Harbour has been arrested. Police have not identified the suspect.

Phillips is an American citizen who had previously worked with the U.S. Army as a biochemist. He was married to former U.S. Olympic gymnast Shannon Miller. The two divorced in 2006.

Phillips’ current wife in Halifax reportedly alerted police about her husband’s plans to drive to Ottawa.

Police say a car parked at the hotel is part of their investigation.

On Tuesday, police raided the man’s cottage in Grand Desert, Nova Scotia, where they found hazardous and “volatile” chemicals. Police say the discovery led to an evacuation of nearby homes.

Investigators from Nova Scotia will be interviewing the suspect in Ottawa.

The man is expected to appear before an Ottawa judge.

Roads around the Chimo hotel have opened after being shut Tuesday evening. Police say the investigation has concluded. No hazardous chemicals were found.