OTTAWA -- A G1 driver learned an expensive lesson about the rules of the road from Ottawa police this weekend.

Members of the Ottawa Police Service Traffic Unit have issued 69 tickets for speeding so far.

In a message on Twitter, the traffic unit said, "One driver learned his lesson the hard way last night: speeding 43 km/h over the posted speed limit. Had a G1 licence and was unaccompanied."

The Ontario government says if you have a G1 licence, you must drive with a fully licensed driver who has at least four years of driving experience.

Police also issued three tickets for stunt driving in the Merviale Road area. The stunt driving charge includes a seven-day licence suspension and the vehicle is impounded for a week.

Seven tickets for excessive noise were also issued by police so far this weekend.

The Ottawa Police Service Traffic Unit tweeted out a picture of one improper muffler.

On Thursday, police issued a warning that traffic officers would be out this weekend.

"Is the nice weather making you feel like revving up your engine?" police asked on Twitter.

"Excessive speeds, street racing and noise are no way to welcome spring. Traffic officers will be out this weekend (to) ensure road safety for all."