Ottawa police forensic identification officers are on scene of a “suspicious death” in the city’s west-end.

Officers were called to 1775 Carling Avenue around 7:45pm Sunday, after a body was discovered inside the apartment above the Silver Spoon Thai Cuisine Restaurant at Carling and Broadview.  The restaurant is not believed to be part of the investigation.  Police are releasing few details about the case, only saying drugs are involved and the death is being considered “suspicious”. 

Neighbouring businesses tell CTV News, they’ve long been concerned about suspected drug activity around the property. 

“As a neighbourhood we have concerns,” says Pizza Pizza owner, Dilwant Singh Dhaliwal, “they’re using our parking lot, we see needles here, and it should be stopped.”

Dhaliwal’s restaurant is right next door to the apartment.  With several schools nearby, he worries about the impact the drugs have on the neighbourhood. One of his staff members, Rajinder Preet, says Pizza Pizza has hired security in the past to clean-up needles and other drug paraphernalia in an around the property. 

“They’re always creating trouble with us; they’re getting high on drugs and coming into use our washroom,” says Preet, “police are there all the time.”

Police have seized surveillance footage from the Pizza Pizza security system.  Officers confirm to CTV, residents of the apartment are known to Ottawa Police.

Investigators are waiting for autopsy to determine the whether the death is due to a tragic case of misadventure or if the deceased is a victim of a crime.

Anyone with information is asked to call Ottawa Police.