OTTAWA -- Ottawa police officers went undercover to recover a stolen generator from a food truck.

Thieves stole several items from the storage shed of Stoked food truck in May, including a generator.

At the time, the co-owners of the business didn't report the theft to police.

Police say after Sutton McKay spotted the generator on an internet sale website in mid-July, he decided to call police to see what could be done.

Const. Jennifer Biondi contacted the seller, posing as a potential buyer for the generator.

"The seller was cautious," Biondi said, adding the seller drove-by the location to check them out. "He even changed the meeting location at the last minute, which is a red flag."

Police say when the eventual meeting took place, the suspect was arrested.

"These officers restored my confidence in police and I’m a believer in reporting," said McKay in statement released by Ottawa Police. "Now every time I buy something, I’m going to document it."