OTTAWA -- The Ottawa Police Service believes it has solved its projected $13.7 million budget deficit this year and end the year with a balanced budget.

A report for Monday's Ottawa Police Services Board meeting shows the service is facing $13.7 million in budget pressures this year, including a drop in revenue and COVID-19 related expenses.

Staff say the $13.7 million deficit is "currently being projected to be entirely offset by solutions of $13.7 million leaving the OPS in a balanced budget position in 2020."

$13.7 million in budget pressures 

The report shows the Ottawa Police Service is facing an $8 million deficit in revenue this year, including a loss in paid duties, background checks and false alarm fees. Revenue from red light cameras is projected to be $700,000 below budget forecast.

The COVID-19 pandemic has cost the Ottawa Police Service $4.9 million. The report shows the service has spent an additional $2.3 million on additional personal protective equipment and decontamination steps to protect staff and the public. Staff said the remaining $2.6 million is attributed to higher unused leave banks and increased overtime related specifically to the pandemic. 

Another $800,000 in non-COVID-19 expenditure pressures added to the deficit. 

$13.7 million in budget savings 

Staff say they have identified $13.7 million in discretionary and non-discretionary spending to offset the deficit. The savings include a spending freeze, a no-travel order and non-COVID overtime savings. A reduction in calls for service, a virtual Canada Day celebration, court and front desk closures will contribute to an anticipated $2.6 million in overtime savings.