OTTAWA -- Ottawa Police will be checking out the tint on your vehicle's windows.

Sgt. Mark Gatien tweeted on Wednesday that the Ottawa Police Traffic Services Section "continually gets complaints" about dark tinted windows on vehicles.

The service has purchased another 40 tint meters to test windows.

"If you have an overly dark tint on the drivers compartment windows, don't be surprised if you get tested and ticketed," said Gatien.

Gatient says all vehicles manufactured for sale in Canada come from the factory with up to 30 per cent tint on the driver compartment.

"Adding more to it will not allow peds/police/other drivers to make eye contact with you to see if you see them or I see you as I approach during a traffic stop.

The fine for having tinted windows is $110 under the Highway Traffic Act.

"If my officers can' clearly see you, you will get a ticket and the meter reading will be part of our evidence," said Gatien on Twitter.