Ottawa Police have charged three Montreal residents with fraud after they allegedly came to Ottawa and used forged documents to open bank accounts.

Police say the accused came to Ottawa on July 5 and started the process of opening various bank accounts at various financial institutions.

The next day, at a TD Bank in the west end, employees became suspicious and contacted police. Police say they then arrested a person trying to open a bank account and two others in a nearby car.

Police say they learned that the alleged victims were impacted by the recent Desjardins data breach, where personal confidential information was compromised.

They say they can’t be sure the information used by the suspects in this case was obtained from the Desjardins data breach, they encourage anyone affected by the breach to register with credit monitoring services.

Audrey Nsilala-Miaka, 24, Tshimuena Kalomba, 19, and Meddy Moyenge, 25, are all charged with conspiracy to commit fraud, along with other charges. They are due in court in August.