Ottawa police are investigating the city's 5th murder of the year after an evening shooting outside an Ottawa high school and a daycare centre.

20-year-old Nooredin Hassan has been identified as the victim, a man with a criminal past. The shooting took place at the intersection of Jasmine crescent and Ogilvie road in Ottawa's east around 6:30. For the little kids going to daycare this morning and the bigger kids going into the high school, it was a scene they could do without. But, sadly, it's something that is becoming far too common on that street.

Crime investigators map out the spot where 20 year old Nooredin Hassan was gunned down right outside Lester B Pearson high school.

“It’s crazy,” says one student on his way into school, “is it even safe to come to school? You don’t know that.”

Viewer video taken moments after the shooting show paramedics rushing from the scene, after a desperate, unsuccessful attempt to save Hassan's life. Police arrived within minutes of that first 911 call. When they arrived, they found Hassan lying right in the middle of the road in between the high school and a daycare. He was pronounced dead at the hospital.

One woman, who didn't want to be identified, lives right across the street and heard the shots.

“We started looking outside and saw them taking the body,” she says “It's scary because it's right outside our front door.”

Scary, too, for Scott Stephen, taking his daughter to daycare right past a murder scene.

“We just moved from the west end because of this problem,” he says, “to move in August and now have this problem here?”

In fact, this is the third murder in last than a year along Jasmine Crescent.

In April, 18-year-old Connor Stevensen was murdered in the stairwell of his Jasmine Crescent apartment, stabbed multiple times.

Then in September, another teenager, 17-year-old Issaiah Clachar stabbed to death in a parking lot.

“It’s a little scary knowing this is happening close to where we live and go to school,” says high school student Noah Woodhouse.

Police say Nooredin Hassan was known to them. According to CTV archives, he was arrested two years ago in connection with a violent robbery. At this point, police have no suspects.

The councillor for the area, Tim Tierney, has demanded a meeting with the chair of Ottawa Police Services Board and the Police Chief in the wake of this latest murder.

“This meeting must have tangibles and an outcome that will be visible to the community,” he said in a statement to CTV. “I will be asking for more patrolling in the neighbourhood, accelerate the implementation of Neighbourhood Watch and the installation of CCTV cameras; something that is used in other municipalities like Toronto. I will not stop until we find real solutions to this on-going problem.”

Tierney says he will meet tomorrow with Chief Bordeleau and the police Services Board Chair, Eli El-Chantiry to discuss this.