An Ottawa OPP constable has been charged with one count of child luring.

An OPP statement issued Thursday states 31- year- old Michael Janho was off- duty at the time of the offense.

Police began the investigation after complaints launched by relatives of the victim.

The statement says the offense occurred between September 22, 2012 and December 3, 2012.

Child luring specifically refers to contact with a minor using "telecommunication" - a computer or phone - for the purpose of facilitating a sexual or immoral offence. O.P.P. spokesperson, Sgt. Kristine Rae says in this case it was not done over the internet. 

"We know that we are under public scrutiny" Rae adds. "Officers are expected to follow the laws that we enforce. So this not something that, obviously, we like. But we will follow due dilligence." She also maintains this case should not shake the public's confidence in the police. "We're still here to help the public. We still want people to call when they need help." says Rae.

Child luring is a serious offence. But fortunately it's not that common. Matthew Johnson is with Media Smarts, an Ottawa-based organization that promotes digital media literacy and safety. He says "one thing that parents should keep in mind is that child luring is really quite rare. There are only a few cases reported each year."

Janho, who has been posted at the Ottawa detachment, has been suspended with pay.

His next court appearance is set for July 9th.