A voice familiar to some Ottawa Senators fans is about to be heard on an even bigger stage. Once again, Tammy Laverty is heading to California to sing the national anthems of both countries when the Toronto Blue Jays take on the Oakland Athletics Monday night.

“It’s very exciting,” said Laverty. “It can be very nerve-wracking, it's a rush…it’s such an honour to sing the anthem so I go through a mix of emotions every time.”

Laverty has sung the national anthem at a number of Ottawa Senators games. For one performance she wore a dress made out of a Sens jersey. Laverty decided to market the dresses and they’ve been in high demand ever since.

“The Toronto Maple leafs have just put in an order and they would like to test-sell the dresses in the Real Sports store so it's definitely gaining momentum,” she said.

Laverty is also the lead singer for Ottawa band Midnight Strummers and a real estate agent. She says it takes work to find balance between singing and selling houses.

“It's getting up, finding things to do prioritizing, finding that balance, trying to get rest, workout and balance everything to be an entrepreneur,” Laverty said, adding that she wouldn’t change her hectic life for anything.

“Hopefully the sky's the limit, you've just got to keep working at it and if opportunity comes just take it as you can."

With a report from CTV's Katie Griffin