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Ottawa MP apologizes for mailing map to constituents missing a province and a territory


Ottawa Centre MP Yasir Naqvi is apologizing for a mistake on a map of Canada sent to constituents to celebrate Canada Day.

Residents were invited to colour the map ahead of Canada Day on July 1.

However, the colouring map does not include Prince Edward Island and Yukon.  There is no boundary separating Yukon and Northwest Territories.

On Twitter, Naqvi acknowledged the mistake on the map, missing a province and a territory.

"We made a mistake. The map is missing PEI and Yukon. My team and I apologize," Naqvi said on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter.

"Please think of it as an interactive map to teach kids our geography, or to start to learn more about these amazing places."

Social media users also point out the map is missing provincial borders between Quebec and New Brunswick, and New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

Naqvi's office has been passing out Canada flag posters across Ottawa Centre.

"My team and I have been coming around and passing out Canada posters that remind us to support local businesses in our community," Naqvi said in a Facebook post last week. Top Stories

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