A young Ottawa mother is making a public plea for help to get a life-altering surgery.

31-year-old Patrice Hall’s is living with two rare genetic disorders. One - Ectodermal Dysplasia causes the bones in her face to soften to the point it may not support her teeth or eye socket.

Hall says, “The bone loss would continue and it would affect more parts of my face... I wouldn’t have support in my mandible and all the natural teeth that I have left would fall out.”

The multi-stage surgery includes a bone graph (osseointegration) to support her upper mandible, teeth and cheek bone leading up to her right eye socket

This would be Halls’ sixth surgery- and all medical costs come at about $20,000.

The surgery she needs is not covered by OHIP or private insurance.

Her doctor suggested she start a Go Fund Me after he could not find additional funding. “With his research he found there was no other program I fall under. So he suggested I start a Go Fund Me,” she says.  

Her husband Dwayne Johnson started the page.

“She's been strong throughout this entire process and it’s my job to keep her this way through this entire process,” says Johnson.

The goal is to raise $20,000 and Hall says additional funds raised will be donated to the Canadian Organization of Rare Disorders (CORD) and help those who have medical costs not covered by OHIP as well as research.

For a link to the Go Fund Me page click here.