Nancy Salgueiro is not shy.

"I'm more private, she's outgoing…she'd have a mariachi band in here if she could," says husband Mike Carreira.

What most women consider a private experience, she is willing to put on the internet for the world to see.

The pregnant Barrhaven mother of two will show the birth of her third on the internet. Salgueiro is due next week.

"I really feel it's important for young women to see what normal natural birth undisturbed by anything, can be like."

Salgueiro is a chiropractor and trained childbirth educator. She says she is a strong advocate of choice and wants to show young women in particular that they don't need to be afraid of childbirth.

A friend will record the birth and two midwives will be present.

Salgueiro says her two-year-old son Taivus will cut the umbilical cord. Now a family tradition after he four-year-old cut his.

"When it's live you can check in and see how things are progressing," says Salgueiro. But she promises it won't be graphic.

"It's not legs wide open and women screaming…my birth with him, if you watch the labour online, I was completely silent."

Viewers have to pre-register on Nancy's website. People have signed up from all over the world.

She is due on October 7.

With a report from CTV Ottawa's Karen Soloman