OTTAWA -- Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson is encouraging patrons to "Top Up Your Tip" when visiting bar and restaurant patios this weekend.

Patios are allowed to reopen on Friday as Ontario enters Step 1 of the reopening plan. It's the first time patios have been open in Ottawa since April 2.

The mayor is launching a campaign to encourage patrons to be patient and kind to servers as restaurants open for the first time in two months, and "Top Up Your Tip" to support staff.

"As patios reopen (Friday), I'm launching a local campaign to encourage those who are able to enjoy a meal at a restaurant to be patient, kind and generous with servers," said Watson on Twitter.

"If you can, Top Up Your Tip to show your support for those who have been out of work for several months."

Ottawa Public Health is also asking people to be patient, respectful and kind when shopping or visiting a patio.

"Hello humans. Many of you will likely go shopping or visit a patio on Friday," said OPH on Twitter.

"Please remember: businesses are reopening for the first time in a while. Some of the staff may even be new hires."