Right now, the only person who seems to know what happened to John Marinelli on Nov. 26 is him – the badly injured man found staggering down Ottawa's Sparks Street that afternoon.

Marinelli called his wife Maria at 12:30 p.m that day and said he was on his way home with a few errands to run.

Later, a picture was taken of him lying on the corner of Commissioner Street and Wellington Street in downtown Ottawa – the passerby who took it said they thought he was drunk or asleep.

Instead, he was suffering from serious injuries to his heart, lungs, brain and upper body.

"Just to turn a blind eye and keep going because this could be a shady person or whatever, but the man was broken. In uniform. He's a worker," said Nora Marinelli. "Stop and help."

John was later seen staggering along Sparks Street, spitting up blood. He's currently unconscious in hospital.

"Was he beaten? Did he fall? Was he hit? Nobody knows," said Nora.

Coworkers said John's file at Clean Water Works is full of praises and compliments.

"His customer service was unsurpassed," said Kyle Peori.

Both his coworkers and his close family say they just want to know what happened.

"No matter what, family sticks together and that's why we're looking for answers," said Nora.

Ottawa police said you can call them at 613-236-1222 if you have any information on what happened to John Marinelli.

With a report from CTV Ottawa's Norman Fetterley