An Ottawa man is facing charges after an anti-migration protest Saturday on Parliament Hill.

Police say the man was arrested for allegedly assaulting an RCMP officer. Following an Ottawa Police investigation, he is being charged and will be released pending a court appearance.

Eight other people were also arrested, but where released, according to Joseph Law a spokesperson for the Parliamentary Protective Service.

An estimated 400 demonstrators filled the west lawn of Parliament Hill in dueling protests over Canada’s immigration policies.

Anti-migration protesters rallied against Canada’s commitment to sign an international migration pact. The pact is a non-binding pact aimed at solving the international migrant crisis.

One anti-migration protester says “(the pact) is what we are all here for. We want closed borders and people want to come in here- they are going to do it the proper way.”

Other anti-migration protesters feel the pact is a threat to solidarity.

Counter protesters also demonstrated in opposition.

A counter protester named Sam says, “We want to show that there is more of a presence of people against white supremacy than for it. and that is what this group is for.

Another counter protester says they are showing “Solidarity with those who are in bad situation and need to move, who need to find safe spaces to live. We need to be open to that.”

The pact will be adopted at the UN conference in Marrakech, Morocco next week.