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Ottawa man confronts downtown 'bullies and goons'

An Ottawa resident who stepped in front of a truck in the heart of the downtown ‘Freedom Convoy’ protests said he did so because he wanted to stand up to people he called “bullies and goons.”

John Hennessy, a ByWard Market resident, was walking along Sussex Drive when he saw the truck, which had turned around, pulling back into a spot on the street.

As the driver tried to pull forward, Hennessy stepped in front of it.

“I’m pretty frustrated. I’ve lived this for 12 days,” he told CTV News Ottawa while standing in front of the truck as protesters shouted him down with chants of ‘Freedom.’

“Nobody’s made a statement to these guys here,” he added.

The encounter is an example of the rising tension between local residents and protesters who have been encamping on downtown streets for more than two weeks.

As Hennessy stood in front of the truck, protesters formed a semicircle around him and continued to shout taunts his way.

After about 15 minutes, police arrived to pull him out, the truck pulled up to its intended spot and all the protesters cheered.

“They’re bullies and goons that are supporting all this. I’ve had enough,” he afterwards. “Nobody’s been acting in our interests.”

Rideau and Sussex has become a hot spot for the ‘Freedom Convoy’ protesters, with large crowds gathering there into the early morning hours last weekend.

It has been quieter this week, but a large crowd began gathering there again Friday morning. Bylaw officers issued at least one $1,500 ticket to one man who was playing music loudly through a large speaker.

Ottawa’s police chief warned demonstrators planning to come for a third weekend to stay away, but authorities are expecting a large influx of people downtown. Top Stories

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