The Ottawa Humane Society has laid animal cruelty charges after a starved Great Dane was surrendered to the OHS.  An OHS veternarian says a dog the size of Charlie should have weighed about 120 pounds.  Charlie weighed just 53 pounds and was nothing but skin and bones.

A spokesman alleges 32-year-old Jason Woodruff sold Charlie on Kijiji in January. The man who bought the emaciated  animal took him immediately to the Humane society for medical help. OHS investigators say Woodruff had not been feeding the dog enough for months.

Charlie was near death when he arrived at the Humane society. He has since gained 10 pounds.  He continues his recovery in foster care. 

Woodruff has been charged with permitting an animal to be in distress and with failing to provide adequate food, water and medical attention.

He faces up to two years in jail, a $60,000 fine and a lifetime ban on owning animals, though a sentence that tough is yet unheard of in cases of animal cruelty.

Woodruff is scheduled to first appear in court on Feb. 27, 2014.