A 23-year-old Ottawa man, who police say has connections to the Crips street gang, is charged with 14 counts of mischief following an investigation into 50 graffiti markings in Ottawa's south end.

Police say Randall Adamson-Barycky, who is known to hang around with the Crips gang, was arrested and released on several conditions following a police investigation into street-gang and anti-police related graffiti.

Police say the graffiti was spray-painted on vehicles, houses and fences in the area of Farrier's Lane, Trappers Park and Bridle Path Drive sometime overnight between Oct. 4 and Oct. 5.

Examples of the graffiti markings include:

  • '187'
  • 'TPG'
  • The word 'DART' crossed out with an 'X' through it (DART stands for the Ottawa police 'Direct Action Response Team')
  • 'TPG'
  • 'Crack for Cheap'
  • 'Stop Snitching'
  • 'Trappers Park Gangster'
  • '187 On Da Cops'
  • 'South Side TP'

Police say "tagging" is the most common type of graffiti in the Ottawa area, and is often a sign of gang members marking their territory.

Adamson-Barycky is scheduled to appear in court on Nov. 9.

Anyone who witnesses acts of graffiti vandalism is asked to contact Ottawa police immediately at 613-236-1222, ext. 7300.