Mourad Louati, 18, of Ottawa, appeared in Gatineau court this afternoon charged with second degree murder.

More than a dozen of Louati's family and friends attended the hearing.

Gatineau Police say Sheldon O'Grady, 18, was stabbed several times on Promenade du Portage after a fight broke out inside a club called Addiction early Saturday morning. O'Grady died later in hospital.

Louati's Lawyer, Joseph Addelman, says his client turned himself in. "He contacted me and we took steps to contact the investigator and bring him into the station. He turned himself in, he wants to deal with this."

“Our investigation leads us to believe that they did not know each other," said Gatineau Police Sgt. J.P. Lemay.                                                                               

O’Grady was a popular midfielder on the Algonquin College soccer team.

His coach, Jimmy Zito, said O’Grady was quiet, yet outgoing and always knew how to joke around.

“He looked really intimidating if you just looked at him but he was a really soft guy, a very kind guy,” Zito said. “The type of guy that would give you the shirt off his back if you asked him." 

Zito said O’Grady’s family is at a loss for words and want justice for their son.

"I know in speaking with a few of the boys that went to the house the day after, Sheldon's father gave a speech of motivation to make sure things are going forward the right way and people aren't out to go and fix this or revenge this let the authorities deal with it and make sure justice is served," Zito said.

Gatineau police said they are still searching for the murder weapon.

Anyone with information is asked to contact investigators immediately at 819-243-2346 ext. 6677.

This is Gatineau’s first murder of the year.

Louati is scheduled to appear in court again on February 5th.

CTV's Joanne Schnurr will have a full report tonight at 6.