OTTAWA -- The Chair of the City's Transit Commission says there will be 11 LRT trains running on the Confederation Line Monday afternoon.

In a tweet, Allan Hubley said there's no timeline for when the other two peak-service vehicles will be made available.

Last night, OC Transpo General Manager John Manconi said via memo there would be 12 trains running on the Confederation Line Monday morning.

That was true for a time, but as Director of Transit Operations Troy Charter told Newstalk 580 CFRA's Maddy Eisenberg in an email, there was an issue with one of the trains.

“Service ran reliably with 11 trains on Line 1 this morning, with no disruptions impacting customers," Charter said. "Shortly after the twelfth train was launched, a vehicle was proactively removed from service due to a propulsion issue, which had no impact on customers."

Riders were met with trouble on the weekend, as LRT service was delayed in frigid temperatures. On Friday, there were power failures, late starts, and a stalled train that needed to be towed.

This comes amid confusion and backlash over a payment made to Rideau Transit Group for service in September, about which some councillors say they were kept in the dark.