OTTAWA -- Patients and staff of an Ottawa Hospital oncology unit look forward to a daily dose of smiles and laughter thanks to a festive voice.

Christian Papineau is a clerk at the hospital and also a bit of a celebrity.

He doesn't sing on a stage.

He doesn't sing for fame.

Instead, his singing puts smiles on the faces of patients, nurses and staff at the general campus oncology unit.

“I just thought it would be fun if I sang a little jingle over the PA system,” Papineau says. “It gives them a little something to look forward to and a little bit of a cheer during these precarious times.”

The Ottawa Hospital shared a video of Papineau's singing on Instagram this week.

Every day at 2 p.m., a Christmas song echoes through the halls. Papineau sings a different song each day.

“I’ve always enjoyed singing, and I thought it was a nice opportunity to share it with the people on the ward,” Papineau says.

It's a favourite moment for staff, like social worker Aimee Anderson.

“I’ve started showing up early at rounds, just to hear Christian sing,” she said.

Patients look forward to it, too. 

“I think it’s brining a smile to people’s faces during a really difficult time, both from a cancer perspective but also from a pandemic no-visitor policy,” Anderson says.

The daily performances get rave reviews.

“He has the voice of an angel,” says registered nurse Krista Henneberry. “It definitely warms the heart. I find staff morale has been a bit tough during this pandemic, so it definitely brings the staff together and we have a good singing fest.”

Papineau says he looks forward to his daily performances, but even he has a little "stage" fright.

“It's always nerve-racking, but it always ends in applause, so that’s a good sign,” he says. 

The Ottawa Hospital says that anyone who wants to send a message of well wishes or season’s greetings to patients at The Ottawa Hospital can send them to

"The holidays are going to be hard for patients in hospital, as they would normally have visitors at this time. That being more difficult right now, we want to encourage the public to send nice messages if they can. It would really help to brighten spirits," Media Relations Officer Michaela Schreiter said.