An Ottawa dry cleaning store has been targeted by an egg-tossing vandal in the city’s west end.

Nitesh Naidu couldn’t believe his eyes walking into work Saturday morning. Surveillance video captured a black pick-up truck speeding past Naidu's Merivale Road store; seconds later eggs can be seen tossed from the driver-side window.

“Cleaning eggs is not easy," said Naidu, who moved to Canada from India 12 years ago with his family. “From what I can see, they seem to be just targeting us.”

Naidu and his wife, Shobha Vedantam, opened Premier Cleaners on Merivale 5 years ago. Since November, they said the storefront has been vandalized half a dozen times by the same suspect; seen driving a black Chevrolet pick-up truck without a front licence plate at various times of day.

“Why would somebody want to do that? Why?” said Naidu, whose wife, kids and staff are afraid to come to work after the latest attack.

“We feel we are under attack because it's a lot of insecurity more than anything else; we feel kind of threatened,” said Naidu. “We've been in this country for years. We love our neighbourhood, the country, the people, the community so just come in and talk to us, I don't know what's prompting him to do this.”

Ward councillor Riley Brockingtonsaid he will visit the Merivale Road location in the coming days to investigate. “It is disturbing; particularly for a family that's put a lot of money into the city. They have a number of businesses that employ not just their family members but many Ottawa residents.”

Ottawa police confirmed having received several reports of vandalism at the store, however without a clearer picture of the truck's licence plate, catching the suspect isn't easy.

Despite spending $3,000 on security cameras after the first eggs were thrown, seven months later the property is littered with egg shells and yolks.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Ottawa Police West division at 613-236-1222 ext. 2912.