OTTAWA -- Ottawa’s Kofi Arthiabah has been performing Norma Miller-inspired dances in Ottawa and around the world for 98 consecutive days.

Next week, the IT worker will complete his 100 days of dances in tribute to his inspiration, the late American Lindy Hop dancer and “Queen of Swing.” Miller passed away in May 2019 at the age of 99.

Each day, Arthiabah has been posting his “Trickeration” tribute dances on Twitter, dancing in places in Ottawa and all over the world. Trickeraton was a routine Miller created as an audition piece.

“Norma Miller was the oldest living Lindy Hopper when I first met her in 2013,” Arthiabah tells CTV News Ottawa. “Her charge to me was to keep spreading the dance ‘Keep Swinging.’ She inspired me and so many Lindy Hoppers around the world.”

Arthiabah started his #Norma100 on Dec. 2, 2019, performing Trickeration along the Rideau Canal.

Arthiabah says Miller would have turned 100 on Dec. 2, and as a tribute, artist “Adam Brozowski asked the community to join a Global Trickeration Project”, submitting videos of people dancing together.

Arthiabah decided to spend 100 days performing the routine around the world with the hope it would inspire others to want to dance.

Since Dec. 2, Arthiabah has danced in several locations across Ottawa, including the OTTAWA sign, the University of Ottawa, museums, Lansdowne Park, the Diefenbunker, the gym and his parking garage.

When Arthiabah travelled to Europe in January, he continued his tribute with dances in Germany, Sweden and Austria.

“My favourite spot would be on the bridge over the Danube (Vienna, Austria). The conditions were ideal – a peaceful, quiet morning with the sun rising over the Danube at dawn, is a sight to behold,” said Arthiabah.

He says the reaction around the world has fallen under three categories: Curiosity; Minor irritation; Applause.

Arthiabah danced the Lindy Hop for the first time at the Ottawa Swing Dance Society in October 2011.

“It was a riot even though I lacked confidence, kept looking at my feet, kept messing up, and did not stay for the social dance afterwards,” said Arthiabah.

As he counts down to the final #Norma100 dance, Arthiabah wants to get 100 people together to perform the routine Sunday afternoon at the O-Town Showdown, the Ottawa Swing Dance competition.

The O-Town Showdown is at Scotton Hall at the Glebe Community Centre.

You are also invited to join Arthiabah for part two of the collective dance on Wednesday, March 11 at 5:30 p.m. on Parliament Hill.