Fathers across the capital were pampered by loved ones; spending the special day doing what they love.

Some fathers were treated to unlimited pinball games at the arcade while enjoying a brunch buffet of pierogies, bacon and eggs at House of Targ on Bank street.

“This was a surprise gift from my wife and kids and I don’t know who's enjoying it more,” said dad Mounir Khoury.  

The freeplay games and brunch have become an annual tradition for many; offering dads a trip back in time.

“There's a thing we joke about, half the dads here were born in an arcade type-thing, so they're just reliving those memories,” said Mark McHale who runs House of Targ.

Garry Curtis spent much of the day playing with his children; thanking their mother for the unexpected gift,

“She's a good woman, so it's nice. These guys are loving it,” said Curtis.

At Pineview Golf Course, owner Glen Costello was excited to see many families out enjoying a rain-free day of golf.

“This is one of our busiest days,” said Costello.

Sebastien Wakim and his two brothers treated dad to a special round to celebrate his recent retirement.

“They surprised me 2 days ago, they called me up,” said George Wakim, “Let's go golfing!” They plan to make this get-together a tradition.

Others chose paddles over putters for a weekend out on the water.

“Especially a day like today, not too hot, not too cold,” said Peter Groslouis who took his son out in their canoe on Petrie Island.

Bill Dixon, his wife, son and daughter spent the day kayaking.

“My daughter, this is her second year with her own kayak, she used to be in with us, but now they're enjoying it a bit more,”

Dixon’s children, in their own kayaks, allowed for mom and dad to enjoy some quiet time together.