OTTAWA -- With residents starting to line-up in the middle of night to receive a COVID-19 test, one of Ottawa's COVID-19 care clinics reached capacity shortly before opening.

A sign at the COVID-19 Care Clinic on Moodie Drive posted just before 9 a.m. said, "temporary closed due to volume capacity." 

One person told CTV Morning Live they lined up outside the Moodie Drive clinic at 3 a.m. By 8 a.m., the line stretched around the block in Ottawa's west-end.

Four COVID-19 testing facilities are open in Ottawa today for people to be tested for novel coronavirus: The two COVID-19 Care Clinics, the COVID-19 Assessment Centre at Brewer Arena and the COVID-19 Drive-Thru testing facility at RCGT Park. No appointments were available for drive-thru testing on Thursday.


In a message on Twitter, CHEO said child testing at the COVID-19 Assessment Centre at Brewer Arena had reached capacity shortly after 9 a.m.

CHEO said, "We know families are very frustrated that they cannot get an appointment. There aren't enough spots available to meet the huge demand, and it's heartbreaking."

"We've been working hard to increase the number of appointments each day! And we'll continue to advocate for the government to put children first so we can do more."

Residents tested for COVID-19 are now facing long waits for the COVID-19 test results.

The Queensway Carleton Hospital told people on Twitter that the Eastern Ontario Regional Lab, which conducts testing, is currently facing a surge in tests and have indicated it can take up to seven days for results.