“Til death do us part.”  Those five words took on new meaning today for an Ottawa couple.

They renewed their vows in the Chapel of  Ottawa's Elizabeth Bruyere hospital, uncertain how much time together they have left. Jon and Patricia Ann Rogers will be married 27 years in September.  But it's unlikely she will live that long to celebrate so today, the couple pledged their love for each other in a small, intimate ceremony.

With Patricia Ann in a wheelchair, and Jon pushing from behind, the couple made their way down the long hallway outside the hospital chapel.  It was not the typical walk down the aisle.  But then, there is nothing typical about this renewal of vows. Time is not on Patricia's side.

‘I am in the hands of the great physician right now,’ says Patricia Ann.

Patricia, who is 54, was diagnosed with lung cancer two years ago, that has now spread throughout her body.

‘Pat keeps surprising everybody,’ says Jon, ‘they gave her just a few days to live on April 10th and we are more than a month past that now.’

She is now in palliative care at Elizabeth Bruyere where the ceremony was held.  Their 27th anniversary is actually September 3rd.

‘We’ve been talking about renewing our vows since our 25th anniversary,’ says Patricia, ‘but why wait.  Why wait?’

And with that, the priest started the ceremony.

‘Now join your right hands and renew your consent.’

So, in front of their two sons, Ben and David, and many of their friends, including Patricia’s original maid of honor, they pledged eternal love to each other.

‘It’s a very bittersweet renewal,’ said Jon after the ceremony, ‘it is.’

Son Ben, who is 22, jokes that of course he wasn’t around for the first wedding and was honored to be here today, ‘Just knowing she won't be around much longer,’ he said, ‘to have them have this chance to bring this full circle  and re-devote themselves to each other, it was really important.’

Merle Hagerman was Patricia’s maid of honor 27 years ago, ‘I’m just so fortunate to be here today.  It is something that is very dear to my heart.’

With their marriage vows renewed, Jon Rogers asked the priest the pivotal question:

‘Father, may I kiss the bride?’

‘You may kiss the bride,’ he answered.

And with that, Jon planted a kiss his wife’s lips and whispered that he loved her.

Jon and Patricia say the care at Bruyere has been exceptional, topping it off with the renewal of vows today.

The 580 CFRA Radiothon benefitting Bruyere Continuing Care is next Thursday May 21st.

It runs all day. CTV Ottawa will be live from St Laurent with the final tally of donations.