Ottawa's Shopify has a lot of neat workplace features from pinball machines to flowing beer taps.  The e-commerce company’s latest addition: more workspace for more than 100 new employees.

“There's tons of talent in Ottawa. So it's just a matter of find the people, meet them, get to know them, and figure out the roles here,” says Doug Tetzner, Shopify Head of Talent Acquisition.

Shopify’s client base has doubled and it’s now looking at local talent to fill various roles from software development to marketing.

This is a stark contrast to the gloomy picture of the Canadian job market where major corporations like Sears and Best Buy have laid off hundreds of employees across the country.

“My fear was I'd have to move outside of Ottawa, either go to Toronto or another bigger city,” says Thea Earl of job market.

She soon after got a job as a Shopify Guru and quickly noticed not every company was scaling back.

“I was hired with one other person. And the next round there was five more people. It's comforting that Ottawa, the heart of Canada, has created this amazing company,” she says.

In Ottawa’s east-end, business development firm OnPath is desperate to find new employees.

“We're looking for the right people across the city and we've exhausted all the traditional avenues in doing so,” says Derek Karam, OnPath’s vice-president of business development.

Karam says a rebound by American businesses is leading to big growth for his company which specializes in marketing and development.

The company is looking to hire between 80 to 130 new employees.

With a report from CTV’s John Hua