People of all faiths gathered together Friday to take part in the annual Harmony Iftar Dinner, a time for all to celebrate the breaking of Muslims' daily fast during Ramadan. Throughout Ramadan practicing Muslims will fast during the daylight hours from dawn until sunset, at which point they gather to eat, called Iftar. This year’s Ramadan started on June 18.

Organizers say it is an opportunity to teach others about the Muslim culture. “It’s very important because this is how we get to spread the word of what is Islam and what is Ramadan,” says Dania Balaa, a volunteer with Harmony Iftar.

Balaa believes by educating others about the Muslim faith negative preconceptions can be done away with. “What we see in the media is at times very tragic and sad so we want to break away from those stereotypes doing events like this,” says Balaa.  

The event started seven years ago with a meal at Carleton University with just 25 people.  This year 450 people registered for the feast at the Sala San Marco banquet hall.