Ottawa city council and senior staff have started posting their expenses online in an effort to show taxpayers where their money's being spent.

The expense reports will be posted monthly on the city's website, showing costs for staffing, office supplies, community events, travel, meals and donations. So far, those who've submitted receipts appear to be on their best behaviour.

Coun. Katherine Hobbs says start-up costs put her budget at the top: $6,000 of her $20,000 tab went towards creating a website.

Coun. Diane Holmes claimed a business flight to Toronto. However, lunch was not included.

Among the oddest expenses was a fire station sign purchased by Coun. Eli El-Chantiry for more than $2,000.

During the election campaign, Mayor Jim Watson promised to post office expenses for the mayor and council online in order to promote fiscal responsibility and create greater transparency at Ottawa City Hall.

The office budget for each councillor in 2011 is $233,874. The Mayor's office budget is $778,000. Watson reduced his own budget by $80,000 when he was elected to office.

With a report from CTV Ottawa's John Hua