OTTAWA -- Ottawa Catholic School Board trustees have directed staff to develop a mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policy for teachers and staff.

Meantime, the board will also ask the Ontario government to create a mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policy province-wide for all education workers.

The Ottawa Catholic School Board held a meeting Tuesday evening to discuss vaccinations for staff.

Trustees unanimously passed a motion asking Director of Education Tom D'Amico to write a letter to Education Minister Stephen Lecce, requesting the Ministry of Education create a province-wide mandate for vaccination for all education workers.

Trustees also passed a motion saying that "given the current lack of a formal provincial policy from the Ministry of Education around mandatory vaccinations for staff," senior administration should develop a mandatory vaccination policy for all board staff.  The policy will be presented to trustees on Sept. 14.

The Ministry of Education's COVID-19 vaccination policy states all teachers and staff must attest that they're fully vaccinated, they are not fully vaccinated and have a medical exemption or are choosing not to be vaccinated for personal reasons. Unvaccinated employees will be required to take part in regular COVID-19 testing.

Teachers must attest to their vaccination status by the first day of classes on Sept. 7.


The Ottawa Catholic School Board meeting Tuesday evening was not an emergency meeting. The board says the meeting had been planned for weeks.