OTTAWA -- With less than a week left in a 28-day Stage 2 shutdown in Ottawa, many small business owners effected by the restrictions are hopeful they’ll be able to reopen soon.

"We need this; we really, really need this, not only for the business, but for all the people in the industry, and more importantly all the members that have been suffering through this mentally and physically,” said Brett Mercanti, owner of Body and Mind Athletics in Manotick.

Mercanti said times have been tough. Body and Mind Athletics, which is only a year old, has been closed for weeks now and it is taking a financial toll. 

"We weren’t able to get some of the loans. I just opened up my business, and being a brand new business trying to help kick-start our economy back up, I can’t even get loans cuz I can’t show any revenue," said Mercanti.

With new data from the Ontario Government on COVID-19 outbreaks, and word from health officials about a new "made-in-Ottawa" approach to reopening, Mercanti says he’s optimistic.

"It is good news that the city of Ottawa and the province is looking at more tailor-made measure, to make sure the curve remains flat and the economy remains as open as possible," said Dan Kelly, President and CEO of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business.

But as those hit hardest by the latest round of closures are left waiting for the Ontario Government’s next move, the CFIB says the economic damage is growing.

"Half of businesses are loosing money everyday they’re open, and 60 per cent of businesses in Ottawa have seen a further reduction in sales related to concerns over the second wave," said Kelly.

That struggle is being felt at many bars and restaurants in the city.

The Grand Pizzeria says indoor dining is critical as temperatures in the capital continue to drop this fall..

“I’m encouraged that we’ll be able to open, hopefully that’s the case,” said David Mangano, co-owner of The Grand.