An Ottawa-based RCMP superintendent is among those missing in Haiti following a massive 7.0-magnitude earthquake.

The family of Supt. Doug Coates has been notified that his whereabouts is unknown. Coates had been stationed in Port-au-Prince as part of a UN training mission.

Although he remains missing, a media liaison officer for the RCMP suggested he could simply be helping in the rescue effort.

RCMP officials are also unsure of the whereabouts of Sgt. Mark Gallagher.

According to his wife, Gallagher is based out of Port-au-Prince and lived in a two-storey apartment building with at least one other RCMP officer.

Meanwhile, three Ottawa police officers working for United Nations in Haiti survived the quake and are safe. Ottawa Police Chief Vern White says the officers are now working with rescue and recovery teams.

More than 20 Quebec Provincial Police officers working in Haiti are also accounted for.

The International Red Cross estimates three million people may be affected by the 7.0-magnitude earthquake. Hundreds of thousands are feared dead.

Among the dead is Ontario nurse Yvonne Martin, from Elmira, Ont. who arrived in Port-au-Prince Tuesday afternoon with a group of seven nurses from southern Ontario.

With files from The Canadian Press