OTTAWA -- Making sure spaces are clean and virus free is the number one priority for businesses these days, and a new Ottawa built sanitization device is hitting the market.

It's called the Sanicloud1000 and it's about to change the way businesses and schools stay clean with its new dry fog technology. 

"It converts the disinfectant into dry fog," says Pierre Guillemette, chief technical officer of Sanicloud. "It will become airborne. And the droplet is very small. It’s very important to be very small. This way it will merge with any dust particles in the air."

Guillemette says the disinfectant fog brought down the levels of airborne and surface viruses drastically in their tests, sampling a door knob in a conference room 18 feet away from the machine.

"We’ve been using the 3M Clean-Trace to see how effective the machine is. The starting point was 500 RLU (Relative Light Units) and once we finished it was below 88 which is very excellent," said Guillemette.

The dry fog is created from hydrogen peroxide which is hypoallergenic and safe to be around. Guillemette says the machine can cover a 3,000 square-foot room in roughly five minutes. It’s also approved by Health Canada.

Ramsey Sayah is the owner of the company. He says he wanted to be part of something that gave back and made a difference. 

"My goal is to just not have lockdowns so people can still make a living, and we’re able to feed our families," says Sayah. "Experts say that the best thing to kill airborne viruses is soap, disinfectant. So we figured out a way to distribute it using this machine, very effectively and quickly."

The Morris Group specializes in temporary buildings for industrial workers and needs their facilities to be as clean as possible. President David Morris says they like what the Sanicloud1000 can do to help them prevent any possible transmission of COVID-19.

"I essentially install portable or modular hotels that will go in for either a year, five years, eight years," says Morris. "I was impressed with the fogging machine because we have workers coming in and out of these projects every two weeks on rotations. So there's always a risk of viruses; both air born and on surfaces."

The Sanicloud1000 is already being used at Appletree Medical Group clinics in Ottawa. President Dr. Tim Bell says the science behind the invention is solid and it’s keeping his clinics cleaner with no human error.

"Our focus was put it in for physician safety," says Bell. "Our goal is to provide the best possible environment, from low risk from a practice point of view, but also a health point of view. And that was the impetus when we met Pierre was, oh my God, this is revolutionary."

"At the end of the day, I just wanted to help," says Sayah. "Because I know what people are experiencing because I experienced it myself. And that was the motivation in trying to get this onto the market."