OTTAWA -- An Ottawa-based company is teaching kids the importance of washing your hands.

LumaOne created an online interactive game which shows the proper way to wash. It also shows how germs are spread.

"It teaches you to wash your hands, cause nobody wants to get the coronavirus" says 9-year-old Kyla. 

She’s learning the best way to prevent the spread of germs, along with her friend Selina 

"It shows you how to wash your hands, it tells you to wash your hands more." 

The video stresses the importance of washing your hands for at least 20 seconds.

The game presents possible scenarios that can carry germs. 

Kids play through the game by clicking on the germs. 

One of the scenarios has a cat, "I probably learned that when you’re petting a cat or a dog, any animal that you should wash your hands after," says Kyla.

Teira Ellis is a co-creator of the game and Kyla’s mom. Her company, LumaOne, created the video.

"A lot of us at LumaOne have young children, and with the coronavirus and all of these health concerns, we thought we’d want to put a video together, send it out, and help kids," Ellis said.

She did the post-production on the video. The video was shot in the Netherlands with her partner as a part of 24 hour video challenge.