Athletes of all ages and levels of experience converged on Mooney's Bay Saturday morning to swim, cycle and run in The Canadian, a day of athletic competition.

Twelve hundred participants demonstrated their determination, though one was missing.

April Nauta was in the thoughts of many. Just four weeks ago, Nauta planned to participate in the Mooney's Bay event.

Then she and friend Pedro Villanueva were hit by a car while cycling. Only Villanueva survived.

Freshly recovered from his own injuries, he competed in Nauta's duathlon spot in her honour.

"April was an achiever," said Villanueva. "So she set a goal, she achieved the goal. I knew she had this goal so I want her to be happy and achieve her goal."

Nauta's goal was supported by 50 others who wore her picture on their shirts as they swam, ran and cycled in her name.

"For some reason they really don't want to let her go," said Brad Nauta, the victim's brother. "They really loved her and she really loved them and they're doing so many things in her memory."

The 12-hundred athletes participated in a variety of races that appealed to participants from young to old and from the inexperienced to the experienced.

"It's just a great experience, good camaraderie and it's fun to train in this kind of event," said participant Sharon Taylor.

"It's nice to have a goal, something towork toward, it keeps you active during the summer and something to do," said athlete Julie Rutberg.

With a report from CTV's Natalie Johnson