OTTAWA -- The 24 stations for Ottawa's expanded light rail transit system to Orleans, Kanata and Riverside South need names.

The City of Ottawa has launched public consultations on naming the 24 stations along the O-Train Confederation Line and Trillium Line.

New LRT Stations

In a statement on its website, the city says when recommending a station name, it follows best practices and established rules. The criteria includes:

Meaningful geographic reference

Names must provide meaningful and easily understood geographic and navigational information about travel and location.

Easy to understand in English and French

Names must be easily understood in both English and French

Easy to Pronounce

Names must be easy to pronounce and easy to use in spoken form

Easy to write

Names must be easy to use in written form

Unique from other stations and city locations

Names should be distinct from each other and from other locations in the city so that there is no confusion with other station names

Established Transitway station name

Established station names are familiar for customers

You can provide feedback on the station names until August 26.

New LRT Stations 2

New LRT Stations 3