Even though weather analysts say the Ottawa region will not face the full force of Hurricane Sandy’s wrath, there are municipalities preparing for what strong winds and heavy downpour might head their way.

Cornwall, about an hour south-east of the Capital, is concerned about flooding after basements were soaked in the last big storm.

Southern Ontario is expected to be hit much harder by the hurricane.  Authorities with Environment Canada say high winds and a significant amounts of rain is almost inevitable.

Those heading to the airport are encouraged to check their flights for delays and cancellations. Flights to New York, Washington, New Jersey, Boston or Philadelphia are in jeopardy.  Several American cities have shut down their subway systems. Atlantic City is reportedly “under water” according to American media.

Spokesperson for the Ottawa International Airport, Krista Kealey, says there may be a trickle effect which could impact flights for the rest of the week.

Eastern Ontario and West Quebec will face wind gusts reaching 60 to 80 km/hr Monday night. The National Hurricane Centre is advising winds could reach 150km/hr in some areas.

City of Ottawa officials say the emergency preparedness team will be meeting and assessing the situation throughout the day.  They don’t expect the situation to be too bad, but crews will be ready to respond if weather conditions escalate.

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