A rash of graffiti, which affected several cars and a home, hit residents of a street in Orléans.

“It’s disturbing, to say the least,” says Lars Bracken. He had an image spray-painted on his garage door earlier this week, “Well, umm, It was a picture of a man’s genitalia,” he tells CTV News Ottawa.

He doesn’t know who painted the image, which was almost as large as the entire door, or why.

“I have no idea whatsoever who may have done that; we’ve lived in the area for about four years, I’ve never had any confrontation with anybody,” he says.

While he’s thankful that his condo corporation arranged to have the door cleaned, “They did a very good job,” he wasn’t the only one to be victim of graffiti on the street.

At least two cars were also painted. A few doors down, a similar image. The owner of the car says the graffiti luckily came off. About a five-minute walk down the street, a car is parked with crude language spray painted on one side.

“This doesn’t look good, it’s right in front of a park, so children see that. I’m not too impressed to have seen any of this going on here in our neighbourhood because usually it’s pretty quiet,” says Julie Grenon, a resident. “I’ve only seen the children that used to come here and cause a little bit of a raucous in the parks there, but not this kind of stuff at all.”

Neighbours say there is one more vehicle that was victim to the same vandalism.

“The destruction of private and public property has no place in our community,” says area councillor Matthew Luloff. “This is not what our community stands for. This is a very close-knit, kind and caring community, and senseless and seemingly random acts like this, really have no place.”

Luloff wants whoever is responsible to be held accountable.

"Privately go and approach the people, that they’ve affected by this; and, make amends - whether that’s financial amends or help cleaning things up," Luloff said.

According to one victim, a police report has been filed.